The ART and SOUL of Our Coffee

We offer a unique selection of expertly roasted signature blends, single origin and espresso blends in a variety of roast profiles to satisfy every customer. Private coffee tasting appointments are available to assist you in selecting the perfect coffees for your business. Ask us about creating a custom blend just for you! We also offer one-on-one espresso training in our tasting room.

Roast Profiles:

It's not just about the resulting roast level (light, medium, dark etc.) that determines the end product. We roast to taste, not color. Since all roasters do not follow the same guidelines when describing roast levels, here is how we describe ours:


The nuances of the coffee's flavors and subtle regional differences shine through. A shorter roasting time produces a dry bean, often light bodied with a grassy, clean acidity.
Color: Light brown to medium brown


Acidity and subtle variations begin to mute, oils begin to surface. Here we balance the flavor characteristics of the beans with the added depth and dimension of longer roasting time resulting in a thicker more syrupy body.
Color: Rich medium brown to dark brown


During roasting, the beans begin to further caramelize and shiny oils cover the surface. At this point the roast flavor becomes dominant. Skillful technique still allows the bean character to come through. Only beans well suited for our robust darker roasts are selected.
Color: Very dark brown to ebony

Very Dark

Only the expertly trained master enters this domain! Our signature darks are our roaster's passion and specialty. Influenced by our SF roots, we create the boldest, smoothest tasting ultra dark roasts in town! (think our Merlot blend). Special expertise and split second timing consistently yields the coveted rich and deep smoky tones of our unforgettable darkest roasts.
Color: Deep ebony


Quality Sourcing

Never wavering from our principle of quality first!

Imported Coffee Beans, straight from the source.Green Coffee BeansFrom the beginning we have sourced only specialty grade Arabica beans from around the world. We sample roast and "cup" prior to our green coffee purchases. Only coffees that pass our rigorous standards are selected.

Although we are sensitive to the movement toward sustainably grown coffees, we will only purchase them if they meet our exacting standards. To help us with our goal to obtain high quality estate coffees, we work with initiatives that help growers and roasters create transparent partnerships and personal relationships. This verifiable supply chain of sustainably grown coffee allows us to purchase micro-lots directly from the farmer.

Freshness and quality are evident when you look at our freshly roasted beans. Compare and you will see the difference! The proof is in the cup! We invite you to experience what sets us apart!



If our beans are our pride, roasting is our joy!

Roasting is an art and a means for developing flavor. Many variables affect each roast. The coffee's growing region, climate, soil conditions, plant treatments and processing techniques all play a key role in the coffee's flavor. Coffee roasting is an intricate dance between, heat, airflow, temperature and time, requiring the roaster's focused attention to achieve the desired results. Our Master Roaster's years of experience, guided by his trained senses and keen instinct brings out the best in each of our coffees.

We roast in small batches without the aid of computerized profilers. Roasting with a computer can help replicate a roast, but the art and soul of the coffee will be missing. This hands on method allow us to listen, smell and view the beans throughout the roasting process.

The cornerstone of our business is our well seasoned cast iron, gas fired, Probat coffee roaster. This custom made workhorse, built to our roaster's exact specs, has unique features and capabilities allowing him to create amazing results with maximum control.